A Chance Meeting

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet an interesting person who is an energy healer named Glen Phillips.  I was introduced to Glen by my husband’s aunt who is really cool to be with.  She’s not that much older than my husband – one of those screwy family things.

Anyway, we happened to discover last spring that we are both into energy healing. I’ve been practicing tai chi and kung fu, which uses a combination of meditations, forms and chinese medicines to balance our “chi” in our body.  I’ve found it to be a really fun outlet.  The meditations are very cool, and the forms are also self-defense and I’ve learned some pretty neat moves.  I like to try them out on the family :-)) and I catch them by surprise.  But I digress…

Anyway, Kate’s (the aunt) teacher was in town this weekend and I had the chance to meet Glen.  It was very cool.  He zeroed right in on an ailment I had and literally removed it from my body using healing lights and such.  I wouldn’t have believed it but I felt 100% better the next day.  It works with a process called “releasing” and connecting the mind-body with the releasing of negative thought patterns and energies.  Now, being a little selfish I wanted to share my laundry list of things I’d like removed..and my shoulder hurts, and my left hip is sore…but I did not want to be ungrateful for the wonderful healing he did do.

Glen has an interesting story of how he came unto this healing process.  To make a long storty short, he was diagnosed with less than a year to live with a bad heart.  He was moving around day to day on a scooter because he didn’t have the energy to move on his own.  He decided to move to Arizona to work with horses for this last months, and was connected to a master energy medicine healer named Alex.  He healed his heart in one session – which of course Glen did not believe.  So he went back home to Mass. to see his doctor and get a professional opinion on his heart. He was feeling a little better, but was skeptical.  Well, upon the doctor’s examination, he found his heart was completely healed and healthy.  Done. No more scooter.  Life begins again.

So he’s been teaching this art for a couple of years and he invited me to his class on Monday night to experience it more.  I’ll get into it more over the upcoming weeks, because what I learned I was just scratching the surface.  It’s a building process, just like tai chi where it will take time to actually feel like I’m getting anywhere.  Patience is required.  And I do have patience…mostly…no comments from those who know me well, a-hemm.

But a truly wonderful thing happened during this chance meeting.  He also can see spirits – now I’m getting out there but just hang on a minute…  He told me that I had a relative with me, watching over me.  A young woman in pink, someone who passed young.  And while he was telling me this, I was excited but confused.  None of the women in my family passed “young” that I remembered.  So I said, ” Gee, I’m not sure who that may be. The closest person to me who has passed was my grandmother,” and he said… “No, she’s shaking her head no, it’s not her.”  So I went on and said “Well, the only other person that comes to mind is…my father’s mother who died when my Dad was 5″ and before I could even finish that sentence, he said “Oh Yes, that is who it is.  It’s Her!  She’s shaking her head yes.”

I was stunned. First, I never met her, nor did my Dad know her. She did die young – 47 or so, with 5 kids left behind and the Dad took off.  So, in all my family gatherings, little has ever been discussed about her.  I’ve had several different readings where I’ve been told there is a grandmother figure around me, but I always thought it was my other grandmother.

So the beauty of this is that it has opened other doors for new conversations.  I’m now exploring who this person was when she was alive.  And it’s nice because I’m connecting with my Dad’s brothers and sisters, who never really got a chance to talk about her much after she died. They went right into survival mode, and she’s more like a dream in their memory now.

It just reminds me how full circle this life is, and that we often have work to do, whether on this planet or another plane. We are always expanding in some way, and it allows us to discover new dimensions that were not previously accessible.   Even when it pushes us out of comfort zone, let’s remember that it’s for the best.


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