A Plea for The Keys

It was a typical morning that started out with all its rituals.  Tea, breakfast for boy, let dog out, gather school things, issue order to brush teeth….no response, issue it twice…no response, yell about teeth, then yell again for dawdling and being late.   As I was getting ready to walk out the door, I knew I had a few extra minutes to clean snow off the truck…A-gain.  Until I realized that my car keys were no where to be found.  At first I was fine, I went through all the rigamarole of retracing last steps, thinking methodically.  When that ran out of runway, I resorted to creating mass chaos, shuffling papers all around my office, mail around the kitchen,  emptying my handbag once, then twice, then panic started to set in.  But then I realized that my husband had driven it the day before when he was plowing the driving.  So I run downstairs to his man-cave and fish around the table or his coat pockets (a dangerous mission at best).  Nothing.

Meanwhile, I still had to clean the car off and time was ticking. As I’m panicking, I realize that there is a spare key.  I’m spending all this time looking for MY key and not using the spare key. Classic moment.  All that hubub for nothing.

But it’s a tough time of year for us New Englander’s.  We are sick and tired of the snow. We got another 4 inches yesterday.

Snow Storm March 9, 2009

My husband plows and I can tell you our customers are sick of writing checks to us, but the snow continues to hit. We’ve had more storms this year than in several years prior.  And, Spring has been teasing us.  Every time we see green grass again and 50 degrees, we get another storm.  All this snow has me longing for warmer weather.

So back to the lost keys – I posted a note on my whiteboard that said “Keys Please?” to remind others that I was still searching.  And what started out as a plea for my car keys has turned into another plea.  A plea for a trip to the Keys….especially our favorite Key West. We usually take a trip annually as our adult vacation, but my new budget wasn’t having that this year.  So over the past few days, my husband and I have been taking a virtual vacation with our white board:

Keys Please?
Keys Please?

We got palm trees, sunset, drinks, scooters, the Half Shell, the X-rated factor (ala my husband’s addition) and the last item of the man in the chair falling is a very funny story that happened to a fellow dear to my heart while closing down Irish Kevin’s.   Guess what happens when your feet get stuck in a stool while it’s tipping over?  We laughed for days then, and we’re still laughing now.  Can’t wait to get back there in the Fall.  I don’t think I can let the budget determine that this year!

Anyone else love the Keys?  October here we come!

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