A poem: Ignition Happening

It was a typical night for me, waking up at the random hour of 3 am, mind turned on, wheels turning.  And all of a sudden I was receiving a poem… I’ve never been a poet nor have tried to intentionally write poems myself.  But it came fast and furious.  I got up and had to write it down.  I thought I’d share it here…

Ignition Happening

In reading the written word,
or the actions of another;
In a smile on the lips,
or the eyes of lover;
During a walk in the gentle rain,
or carousing on the shores of Maine;
In a fun little push of a swing,
or hearing a robin’s roost in the spring;

Lighting the flames of the soul
Come not when beckoned or called
but come inthe softness of the night
sitting in the moonlight;
appreciating all that is…
all that can… and will be.;

Upon fanning the flame
with a soft breath, a sweet kiss,
a loving hug, or a playful tug;
Never in the doing but in the being.

Being in kindness,
letting love flow,
from our hearts,
and through our fingertips;
through our touch,
or in giving;

And allowing the gentle flow of love
to rain down upon another
only to ignite the flame again..and again.


Crazy….but cool.  Would love your thoughts…


  1. Tammi says

    Wowwwwww Jules! That was beautiful … what a feeling huh?? It really pays to pay attention to our heart and mind. You wrote that “feeling” perfectly. I hope everyone, at some point in their life, FEELS THIS! I miss you, Jules. :)

  2. Juliann says

    Oh Tammi!! Thanks so much for your comment. I honestly don’t know where it came from, it just came. Miss you too, a whole bunch too..it’s time to schedule our meet up isn’t it?? xxoo

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