cropped-Juliann_Grant_web.jpgHello, you’ve reached the personal blog page for Juliann Grant. I’m a B2B marketing executive by trade and work as the head of marketing for both Razorleaf Corporation and Adaptive Corporation.

This blog chronicles my observations of my life experiences.   I will try to protect the innocent, but no guarantees.  There are some characters in my life that deserve attention!  My goal is to lighten up the seriousness of life , to find the humor in the insane, and share that with the hopes that it connects with your life somehow, someway.  And even if it doesn’t today, maybe it will someday.

Anything written here is my own personal opinion and does not represent the views of my employers, Razorleaf and Adaptive.  Thanks for dropping by.  This is meant to be a two-way exchange, so feel free to join in the conversation, I welcome your comments and observations.

A little about me

Sumo - a Shiba InuI am living in North Andover, MA with my son David and my parents (when they are in town), and a dog named Sumo.  Here’s Sumo:

I am a career marketer and have always found that path to be a natural fit for me. It’s social enough to get me out and talking to people, its challenging enough to always keep my interest.  There is always something to learn in this field and I am forever a student in this craft. I absolutely love hot power yoga, and find it very important to keep me in a good state of mind.  I recently decided to get my motorcycle license and bought an H.D. Softail Deluxe. She’s a beauty.

I have a special man in my life, and he was the one who ignited my passion for riding motorcycles…among other things. :)  We are having fun adventures, life is good together.

Over the past several years my life has been in a transition and it is finally starting to settle down.  This is a good thing.  I am always self-analyzing, you will see that in this blog. However, as I get more rooted in my new place (of being in life), I am able to let go of the old story of who I was. When I decided to update this page just now, I was surprised to read my old story right here. It was almost like reading about a person I used to know, even though it was me!  I realized that I no longer need to tell that story anymore. My life now is my story, and all the good things in it. It’s very liberating!  Thank you for reading my site. Much love to you!