Is it in the budget?

You know, I've been down this road before. Refinance, turn up the spending, and refinance again. So much that I've continually increased our family's debt by thousands of dollars - maybe even if I added it up hundreds of thousands counting our equity loan. EEEK!! Why and how the heck did I do … [Read more...]

One More Day and Counting

As I settle in for the week after a long weekend, I am gladly reminded that tomorrow school starts!! Yeah!! Now, while lazy summer schedules are great, I'm always ready for the big yellow bus. My son starts 7th grade, which is a tough year. Especially after last year his sixth grade teachers … [Read more...]

Nothing like Vermont Air

Well, I was fortunate to break away a little early for the long weekend holiday.  I'm up in Westmore, VT home of not many people - say 500 or so.  Anyway, it's been great to be here, its a needed break from the daily chaos.  This area is beautiful, we have a family house on … [Read more...]