A Lesson in Humility


Friends... always remember, that when you ask for something from the universe, be very ready for what you get back. It may not be quite exactly what you had in mind... Last post I shared some of what I'm learning regarding "fruits of the spirit".  While on the surface it might seem like an easy … [Read more...]

Letting go of the pieces


I was watching a TED video recently with Brene Brown where she talked about the power of vulnerability. The word "vulnerability" can make you shrink back... It's uncomfortable, and can feel like a weakness. But, she noted that "Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage".... and … [Read more...]

A Time to Lead, A Time to Follow


I've always fancied the idea of learning how to ballroom dance - like Salsa and such.  I never did get around to taking lessons but would try to learn a few steps here and there (and no, I do not watch Dancing with the Stars).  I've always been a good student in any undertaking I've pursued.  But … [Read more...]