Trained observers by day


I've always prided myself in being what I called "observer".  Not the police detective-type observer where you notice how many people are in a given area, what they are wearing, who looks suspicious, but more an observer of life and how my actions and choices affect my "reality".  I'm acutely … [Read more...]

Closer to the heart

I was driving down a side street the other night,  making my way on a trip to BJ's to pick up ribs in preparation for my son's birthday dinner.  I was feeling a little low, as it was 7:30 on the night before his birthday when I'm running around getting things at the last minute. Seems to be a … [Read more...]

Driving without a map

In today's day and age with GPS systems easily accessible at a decent price, who needs a map? It always tells us where we are and where we need to go. No worries, right?  Just program in the address of our destination and poof, there it is.  A direct and often shortest path to our destination.  But … [Read more...]