Figuring Out WordPress

Well, I spent the majority of my weekend figuring out how to move my blog from the hosted blog to my own hosted blog. It was like trying to dig around the Great Wall of China with a spoon. A wealth of information is out there, but where do you find the specifics to what answers you need at that moment?

Forums are great, but not so great when you’re 3 hours into an upgrade – mind you it needn’t be this difficult – and you read all these forum questions that are the same as yours, but have no answers!! AHHHH…

My husband is starting to think I have some sort of fling going on with my laptop because I spent so much time in front of it.

I think I like this new template – a big thanks to who offered this free simple template. I’m not quite ready to pay for a template yet, but his Thesis template looks great.

I also have to fix the images here, but I’m in no rush. If you happen to come along to my blog, drop me a comment so I know you’re here.

I’ll be adding a few more features over the upcoming weeks as I ramp this thing up.

Thanks for visiting! More soon, I promise!


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