Finding your truth at the moment

A  couple weeks back I read an article where Steve Forbes interviewed Warren Buffett and JayZ together.  It appeared to be an unlikely couple, aside from the fact that they are tremendously successful. Read the article here.  Curious about the combo pair, I discovered a few things.  First, that they had alot more in common than you would think.  More from a philosophy standpoint rather than worldly experiences, in fact, their worldly experiences were pretty different.

One of the things that struck me was something JayZ surmised from listening to Warren Buffet talk.  He said:

As I was listening to Warren, I could just hear all the similarities and all the things in what he’s saying, right? Because if you don’t look at the tickers, you’re really just searching for the truth within all the numbers and all the chaos. And that’s the key to being a recording artist. You’re telling your story or finding your truth at the moment..

Finding your truth at the moment…I pondered over that phrase for awhile that day, and off and on since I read it.  I think it’s so true in so much of what we do as people.  Everyone has their own truth and we may not always understand it from one another but we know it’s there.

But I find it’s true in the work I do as a marketer, and for any professional of that matter. Often times I”m looking to put together the right combination of words that ring truth to it, and I fuddle around over and over until I find just that right combination.  My friend who’s a computer tech wiz does this in his work, he  can fix anything, he’s amazing at what he does.   Lots of effort goes into finding that moment where it all the words (enter noun here) just click into place and it feels truthful.

The same goes for anything I’m doing, as I’m trying to live in each moment (ah hem…) the best I can.  My husband always used to tease me for being too truthful – not the hurtful kind but the honest kind.  After leaving the grocery store one day, I realized the girl gave me back my check when she handed me the receipt.  I went back in to give it to her, to this day my husband still talks about it.  Well, I figured it would catch up with me once they were counting the day’s tally, but that’s not why I returned it.

So, I’m trying to incorporate this into my life’s activities.  I’ll let you know how it goes, and if I have days where I’m spreading white lies like there’s no tomorrow.  They happen, not often, but the happen.  And that’s ok too.

Does that phrase resonate with you at all?


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