Friends, Birthdays, and Rite of Passage

I just entered into my 4th decade of being on this planet.  Despite the angst of turning the big 4-0, I did manage to enjoy myself quite a bit.  And ate alot of cake…of course the surroundings were different as evidenced in these photos:

Cake at home:

Cake with the Girls:

So about this past weekend… A few months back, a few of us had talked about getting away for a weekend up north to our cabin on Willoughby Lake in Vermont.  Originally it was going to be a weekend down to my brother’s house in Cape Coral, FL… but my new budget consciousness told me that that trip was “out of the budget…”  So plan B was heading to Vermont, and we had a great time…

Figuring the foliage would be prime, and it was, me and my three best friends spent the weekend at the lake.

Pam, Lori, Kelly in that order

We did card readings with Russian Gypsy cards – they are alot of fun, easy so anyone can do them unlike the Rider-Waite decks.   Even better was a couple of friends I met up in Vt when I was much younger – I think it was 12 yrs old – were also visiting for the weekend and they came over to join the party Sat night.

Know what was nicest about being away?

– I didn’t have to be accountable
– I didn’t have to step over any one elses clothes
– I could drink and eat what I wanted without hearing “what can I have”
– I could talk about men without having to worry who is around the corner
– I could go to bed without feeling guilty like I owed somebody a little something something
– The only noise at night was me breathing, and maybe a few crickets
– Girlfriends seem to know exactly what you would like, as opposed to husbands who are completely clueless and require coaching which at that point MISSES THE POINT

Ok, maybe I’m only looking on one side of the coin, but it was pretty delicious to be there and just do nothing, or anything.  Life has been full of suprises lately so it was a perfect moment to kick back with friends and not worry.

Thanks to Kelly, Pam, and Lori – who hung out with me.  My cousin Lisa was supposed to come….ahem…but nooo….her daughter had to up and have a baby on her :-).   And Jodi and Jill who also came by to participate in the festivities, and brought some great wine I finished off….  They are the coolest ladies, full of wisdom, intuition and compassion, I’m grateful for them in my life.  They showered me with such lovely gifts too…I really am speechless.

And thanks to my new Facebook friends who wished me a Happy Birthday!  All my old Waltham school friends are resurfacing, and it is really cool to reconnect with them all.

Thank you Thank you….

Ok, promise a funnier blog post is coming.   Wait till you see this pic.

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