Heading to Cleveland for ISA M&S Summit

It’s finally that time of year where I head out ISA’s Marketing & Sales Summit with my partner Shari Worthington at Telesian Technology.   It’s our 3rd annual summit.  I was on the planning committee since the inception, and I’ve been working on this event (along with several others) since last March.  Let’s just say I’m glad it’s here.  It’s always good to get these things behind us.

This year I’ll be making a co-presentation with a nice guy from Jacobs Automation – Scott Summer.  We’re going to be talking about how marketers can do a better job in working with sales.  “Marketing Strategies that Enable Sales Success” is the title, I think.  A little bit buzzy, but it works.

I always enjoy the travel experience, and view each trip as a mini-science experiment.  I always enjoy discovering who, by LOA, is sitting next to me, or in line in front of me.   My Sensei Mike has shared some funny little tricks to do with energy while I’m on the road.  I’ll keep you posted on how I do, and if it actually worked.

But seriously, traveling always brings such interesting moments – moments of fun, laughter, amazement and also other less glamourous situations which I refuse to name so I don’t breathe energy into them…  I anticipate that this will be a pleasant experience, especially the mirco-brewery tour Thurs night.

I’ll also regularly post Twitter remarks as the conference goes on under #ISAMS3…

I’ll pop back in and let you know how the travels go.  Until next time…

I gotta get myself packed and buttoned up!

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