It’s JUST that….

So, what does the word JUST mean? According to Merriam Webster‘s Dictionary as an adjective (as used here)

How many times a day do you use the word “Just”?  I really dislike it’s “Conforming” aspect of the description as depicted in Merriam Webster…

This has recently been brought to my attention through a lecture by Joyce Meyer…and I’m aware that I use the word often.   Even when I use it, I find it’s dis-empowering and justifies something that often requires no justification.  I’m going to keep track this weekend of how often I use the word daily.  I’ll report back.  It feels lazy already, and I haven’t started yet.

Have you ever heard yourself saying this:

“If I only just…”

“If they only just..”

“I’m just …:

It sounds  like a wasteful word, doesn’t it?  Why don’t we JUST lost the “JUST”?

” If I only”

“If they only”

You get the drift.  This word is used to help justify or posture something that is only important to the SAYER and not the RECEIVER.  It helps make the SAYER feel better. From the RECEIVER  side if feels like an excuse? Or does it?

I’m thinking thoughts…(or “JUST” thinking thoughts)…

When do you use the word JUST and is it necessary? Can we choose a better word that depicts our  true feelings or position without excuse or posture?

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