Learning to love cash

I grew up hearing phrases like “Taking from Peter to pay Paul”, and “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and all that cultural anti-money noise many of us have heard in our families.

I decided awhile back that I didn’t want to buy into those messages anymore, so I began affirming my way to wealth.  Why? Because it seems that attitude puts money on the wrong end of the stick.  Small problem, however…affirming makes you feel good but doesn’t necessarily attract wealth.  That’s the problem with a pure affirmation play.

While I haven’t found the golden nugget, or the way to make millions in my sleep (and I’ve tried and still trying…), I hold the belief there is an easier way around all this.  And I know it has to do with my vibrations about money and the effort required to attract it.  I’m working on it…

It doesn’t help that the media continues to pound away at the “world is falling” message.  This upcoming election is really like no other that I can remember, it’s a complete 3 ring circus, with the media hogging the third ring.  To compound the problem, the Dow dropped another 500 points today, and I know its affecting everyone’s 401k.  I won’t even look. My Q3 statement came in and showed growth.  If I look now, it will not help me feel better at all so what’s the point.

So I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.  I put together a no-BS cash flow budget that tracks just about every penny possible.   It’s hard to set at first, and is a real eye opener.  Gosh, I had no idea how much money our family was spending on pizza, and dining out.  Yikes…  And how much of the spending was unplanned, off the cuff, go to the ATM and get $100 type spending.   Not the way to operate, and not the way to run this household which supports more than my share of people.

So, my new budget has had benefits that I had not anticipated.  I also required going completely cold turkey on credit cards.  Not using any at all, for anything.  And breathe……. This was hard, but not as hard as breaking other habits I have…a-hem…   So, benefits include:

1.  I do have money, now that I know where it is.  Wow, who would have thought?

2.  The change in my purse really does come in handy…well most of the time as some can attest to my digging around to find change because I don’t want to break a bill…which leads to…

3.  I discovered I really hate breaking my large bills.  I like them big.  Love the Grant’s & Benjamins especially.

4.  I’m to the point where I care about how my cash bills “ride along” in my purse. All denominations are facing front, in the same direction, from highest to lowest.  I love them all, they all deserve respect.  This is as opposed to my old plan, crumpled up, some folded, stuffed everywhere, pockets, and such, never knowing where they all where.  I really think they like the new order of things, there seems to be more of them in there lately.

5.   My family constantly chirps “Is it in the budget?”  I take my 12 yr old son with me food shopping, he’s great for loading/unloading bags, and for those dispatches across the store for things I forgot. But last week we are checking out, and he’s watching the tally on the register.  “Mum, I think we’ll be in budget this time, that’s my guess.”  And sure enough we were.  These type of comments typically get large smiles from the cashier (if she’s older than 25), and from people behind me in line.  Which leads me to..

6.  It’s more about behavior modification than anything else.  Somehow the months come and go, and we make it work.  But a new mindset has me thinking like this now… “Do I really need this item”  And let me tell you, it was VERY HARD to walk thru the Patriot’s Pro Shop and buy nothing on Monday night.  It was a fight of will.  But we escaped bag-free. Phew..

7.  By taking matters in own hands, and being responsible with money leads to more money.  Strange, but true.  Not just found money in the budget, but I mean new income streams.  Sweetness…..

8.  It’s in my subconsious now.  I’ve had dreams talking about my cash plan to those in my dreams…this must be good, right???

I must give credit to Dave Ramsey, as he’s helped me on this path of goodness.  His plan works.  It’s not necessarily easy, but it works.

And I must say, there is nothing like having cash.  Cash works everywhere.  It’s really not like the debit card commercials, they just want you to think that way.

Until next time…


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