Life’s Little Surprises

Hello friends, it’s been some time since I checked in here on my blog.  Well, good news I’m back and ready to roll.  It’s been an interesting few weeks, and bitter cold here Brrr….I’m not loving living in New England right about now.  We’ve already had 6 or 7 storms, and we’re only at Jan 15th.  Florida is looking better and better.

Life’s been busy here, work has never been busier.  I feel blessed about that.  It’s almost too busy because I’m checked out alot mentally, working my mind overtime.  I’m trying to keep my focus ahead on desires and a life I want, some days are easier than others.  But, lately I’ve been noticing more of life’s little surprises and their ripple effects of doing good things.   It’s not that I didn’t have them before, but I’m not sure I was keeping track of it.  In fact, I’ve had a steady stream of nice surprises.  It started at Christmas when I received two very thoughtful gifts from my kids.  First, my 12 yo son decided I needed to have a star named after me.  So, I received a beautiful certificate and map of a star for me.  I was really touched, he’s a bit of a romantic at heart.  The fact that he thought of it on his own was touching. I know he spent time thinking about something I’d like, he’s really a considerate fella.  Then, my daughter Kristen compiled a beautiful scrapbook that covered the first 15 years or so of my life with them.  She did a spectacular job, the attention to detail was incredible.  Again, I was blown away.  I know she must have been working on this for months.  She alluded to me before the holidays that she’d been “swiping things from under my nose for months.”  Hmm, that’s a nice feeling…not! But she was funny, because she knows now that my picture box was a nightmare. She made something beautiful out of a pile of, well… you know, my disorganized mess.

It was nice to be on the receiving end of their love.  It made me wonder what I could do to bring more of that into everyday life. Why does it need to wait for special occasions?  For all the less-than-perfect moments we experience in life, these nicer moments seem to make up for them in spades.  It breeds more kindness and compassion.

Speaking of special occasions, we threw a little birthday party for my father-in-law and his twin brother Dick.  It wasn’t a milestone birthday or anything, but my husband had the idea to throw a little party for his Dad and Uncle.  But in the spirit of giving back, sharing good times, good energy flowed throughout the day.  I was a little worried about how the day would go, the family is a tough nut to crack. Fortunately there were no worries.  The cousins who don’t usually spend time together had a blast, seeing that they had stuff in common with each other.  It was cool.

And it’s not hard to plant your own nice little surprises, it doesn’t have to be a party.  Write a nice note in your child’s backpack or partner’s pocket, being courteous sharing a smile, lending a hand, shoveling a walk, whatever we can do.  Be of service.  Because life’s little surprises are worth it. Even when it seems bad and cannot see our way out quite yet, it usually ends up good.  Let’s pay it forward and move that stagnant stuck energy or black clouds by planting goodness where you can, no matter how big or small.  It’s worth it.

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