Nothing like Vermont Air

Well, I was fortunate to break away a little early for the long weekend holiday.  I’m up in Westmore, VT home of not many people – say 500 or so.  Anyway, it’s been great to be here, its a needed break from the daily chaos. 

This area is beautiful, we have a family house on Willoughby Lake.  Two mountains stand tall on either side of the lake, creating this feeling of deepness and inclusion.  The lake is pretty deep considering, I understand the diving is pretty decent here. But this has been my respite since I was ten years old.  I’ve been coming up here for the last 30 years, which is scary.  I met someone last week who has been coming up for 48 years, wow that’s a long time.

I was sitting out on the dock yesterday morning and the most excitement was 3 loons swimming by lazily.  They were cooing all the way down the lake, a mother talking to its children.  Then as they were floating by the dock I was sitting on, the little one raised its rear leg – almost like waving and I found myself thinking, Did he just wave at me? Nahhh… and then he did it again, so I waved back.  And then he did it again, this time toward my dog Sumo…so I waved again. Sometimes I think I’m nuts, but hey, it was a pleasant experience.  I’d like to believe that maybe, just maybe, he was waving at me.  It is possible, anything’s possible.

It must be that Vermont air.

Here’s a photo of where I’m at during a sunset. 

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