On Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is one of those holidays that doesn’t get enough recognition.  Well, it does but it doesn’t.  It’s one of those holidays that just sort of passes by, maybe a parade or ceremony in our areas, but nothing that is really over the top.  And it is too bad, because it deserves equal fanfare as July 4th.  It’s just as special, and possibly more near and dear to our hearts because it represents a lineage of family who fought for our country, year-in, year-out.  It’s our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, neighbors, our families and friends.  They deserve fireworks, and all the fanfare that we can muster.

My husband’s got an Uncle Dick, who is quite the character and lady charmer (in a good way), recently completed a detailed geneaology project, which tracked his mother’s lineage all the back to the Mayflower.   It even goes back to England and some King lineage.  He published his findings in book that recorded every family name.  It’s quite impressive.

But what was also obvious was their dedication to serving this country.  So many generations, this family participated in just about every war.  And we have several near and dear to our hearts out there fighting now. (Donna & Jason, James, Jay)

So it’s for them, every veteran, and every active duty personnel serving today, that we share our heartfelt thanks for doing your part and being in service to our country.  You help our freedom reign.

Patriotic Flag for Veteran's Day
Thank you

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