One More Day and Counting

As I settle in for the week after a long weekend, I am gladly reminded that tomorrow school starts!! Yeah!!

Now, while lazy summer schedules are great, I’m always ready for the big yellow bus. My son starts 7th grade, which is a tough year. Especially after last year his sixth grade teachers didn’t give him any sort of homework…all year. I was really amazed at that. The good thing was my son was able to enjoy school and his teachers, but it didn’t do much for homework habits which will be supersized in seventh.

I notice how many parents are involved with their kids homework. When I grew up, my parents didn’t help at all. I just figured it was mine to do, not theirs. Now, kids expect alot more help, want to use the calculator, etc etc. Seems to be too much help around if you ask me. I work from home, so when he starts coming home from school tomorrow around 2:30 (which comes around pretty quick), he expects me to be ready to help him.

This year I need to work more at setting the expectation that he does his work and that I can back him up only when he is really stuck vs.when he wants attention and wants a distraction from homework.

In reading the book “Money and the Law of Attraction” I think some of those statements are focusing on the “lack” side of the equation and won’t do anything to help me focus on what results I do want, so let me give it a try here…

I feel joy when my son sits down to do his homework without my asking.

It feels good when my son has good work habits and helps himself become prepared for his next day or week of school.

I like it that my son reads without alot of reminders, and I know he enjoys reading books on his own.

I am happy when he makes good food choices, and opts for natural foods that are healthier vs anything processed.

Well, there it is. Let’s see how I do keeping my focus and attention there.


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