Starting from where I am

So, what does that really mean?  Well, it means that I am starting a new personal blog so I can bring together all the pieces in my life into one place.  I currently blog about B2B Marketing at, but that’s not all of who I am. And I Twitter @julianng among other things, which is fun as well as myspace and facebook.  But I have no place to bring it all my thoughts together, so here it is.

Welcome to my new blog . I hope you find it entertaining, humorous and insightful.  That’s the goal. 

I’ll be writing about my life in progress, with pauses for reflection, insanity and hilarity. I’ll also be poking fun at other’s lives, especially when they cross mine.  And because this is my personal blog, I can talk about whoever I want lol. 

Bum bye for now! Gotta do some consulting work.

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