Those damn flies

I was walking along the dirt road in my vacation spot in Vermont, and I was really enjoying myself.  The birds were singing, I could hear the loons out on the lake crooning.  It was a surreal moment, feeling all zen.  Until the damn fly…or should I say flies…started buzzing around my head just enough to annoy me.  In my ear, around my head.  I walked by a patch of sunlight … just enough to see in a shadow reflection 3 or 4 flies buzzing around my head.  Cripskes, it was enough to make me start swatting, crazily, like some nut cake who is entertaining to watch if you happen to see them working their issues on the street.

So there I was, flies disturbing my zen.  It got me thinking…(surprise)…  Because I’m the type of person who can tune things out pretty well.  Why is this bothering me?

How often do we let small things, like flies or mosquitoes buzzing around us…just kill a moment of joy?  Extrapolating to bigger pictures, how often do we let small annoyances take a way from the bigger picture? That snide comment, the wrong order at Dunkins, the crappy attitude at the cashier…

Pretty often, I’d say.  Lesson learned.


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