That’s It, I’m Quitting Coffee

Lately I’ve been pondering the idea of quitting my coffee habit, and thinking that it’s really not that good for me.  I’ve had some minor medical issues, but lately I’m noticing my system slowing down on a few levels.  At the end of a regular day, my energy level is completely zapped.  I keep reading about how caffeine is not my friend, especially after the big 4-0.

So on Saturday morning, I decided to quit it cold turkey.  That’s the way I do everything, just take it and run with it.   I started thinking about my daily intake of liquids, and it consists of three things:  Coffee, Water and Alcohol, mostly wine and beer.  So, with that mix, I figured it would be interesting to change one of the variables.  Of course, alcohol is still out there, but one mountain at a time.

Let’s just say it’s been an interesting few days.  And I feel better. I really do. But there’s hell to pay in the process.  Such as:

1.    My patience is down to zilch. Zero. Nada. No more.  Ok, no big surprise, we’d expect at least that.
2.    I’m pretty snarky.  It’s funny because my husband notices every little inflection in my tone, and gets pissy with me when I start to get pissy.  Oh my, all I can say is how will we ever survive the next several years through the big change that’s supposed to be coming?   I don’t even want to say its name outloud.
3.    I’m a little jumpy.  I can feel my nerves on edge.

A recent conversation on my quitting coffee went down like this:

DH:  I don’t get why you need to do this. You like coffee, right?  Why would you stop drinking coffee?  I think it’s those vitamins you are taking.  Have you stopped taking those?  I think those vitamins are what caused your recent health problems, and it also gave me my kidney stone.

[Now side note, my DH’s diet consists of Mountain Dew or Sprite (for those low caffeine nights), eats sugary snacks well up to 10 or 11 pm, (just last night it was a large bowl of captain crunch) and never reads a thing.  So tell me how he would have such insight?  Oh, and I forgot this – 2  pack habit a day.]

ME:  Oh, really?

DH:  Well, it’s something I’ve been thinking for a long time.  All I know is I got my kidney stones right after I started taking them.  How can my vitamins be the same as your vitamin?  We’re completely different.  That’s always bothered me.

ME:  Well, I actually feel LESS better since I’ve been off the vitamins.  I guess I’m not sure how you get to that conclusion….but….I do think that instead of trying to blame something like a vitamin for a condition, that maybe you need to think about what you put in your body day-in-day-out, maybe read an article or two about kidney stones or whatever is bothering you, and not just make sweeping statements….<pause> what, you were barely even taking the vitamins for a month before you decided to get off them.

DH: No, it was longer than that.  {defensive now}

ME:  Well, then it was a whopping  3 months.  Look, I welcome the fact that you are thinking about health issues.  But do me a favor, look at your own habits, read an article or 2 from an expert in the area, and THEN tell me what needs to change. ….. It’s a known published fact that caffeine can be a problem for women my age.


Isnt’ it time we grew up?  Isn’t it time we stop eating like we were 12?  I mean, it worked then but I know it’s not working now.  Yea, that middle of the night heartburn?  Well, that’s just the Captain (Crunch) paying you another visit.  Maybe on second thought, the Cap’n shold not have been invited in the house.

My intuition has been telling me this (the coffee thing) awhile, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to mind.  I also don’t like feeling like I “need” any particular thing. If I feel something has some sort of hold on me, I want out.

I must say though, I am worried about how DH will manage thru the next 10 years or so as things change for me.  My snarkiness will only continue to get sharper.  And unfortunately, the words are flowing so much faster and easier than they did before.

My normal approach is to be congenial, friendly, accommodating, and helpful.  I thnk that’s changing to sharp, to the point., get-out-of-my-way, communication.  Hmm…could be a problem.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this goes.  So far after 3 days off coffee, I’m feeling better already.


  1. jordan says

    How are you doing without coffee? I can’t even imagine doing without it! Is it really that much of an issue over 40? I have always heard I should reduce caffeine, but hadn’t realized it was a significant health issue. Hope your medical issues weren’t too bad and are all behind you now.

  2. Juliann says

    Hi Jordan,
    Thanks for checking in. I’m doing pretty good actually now a couple weeks into this. I did forget one very important part in the beginning of this endeavor, and that was to offset the coffee drinking with equal volumes of liquids… I didn’t and well, it wasn’t pretty…:-)) But I have since made some adjustments and all is well. I have more energy in the morning now, and don’t really think about it anymore. Headaches were not too bad, I did have a few moody snaps.

    I have heard mixed things about caffeine too, hearing it was good for us, and then not. It was variable I thought I could manage at this point, so I took the chance and I do feel better.

    Thanks for your kind words about my health, all is well! Thanks for stopping by!

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