Trained observers by day

I’ve always prided myself in being what I called “observer”.  Not the police detective-type observer where you notice how many people are in a given area, what they are wearing, who looks suspicious, but more an observer of life and how my actions and choices affect my “reality”.  I’m acutely aware of my thoughts going on in my head, and how they come to life in my world.  I’m often not overly surprised by how things manifest, especially if I can trace it back to an originating thought somewhere along the lines. I hold myself pretty accountable, and make important thought-action-life connections that I try to learn from.  Am I the only one who does this?  Do you ever find yourself listening to your own thought process?

So, while this been helpful to a point, I also started noticing that I’m not getting anywhere fast.  I seem stuck in my same sames…nothing seems to move one way or another.  It feels a little like the movie Groundhog Day… Same cast of characters, still observing and not getting anywhere.

Then one day I was listening to one of my favorite Abraham Hicks seminars and something clicked.  They were talking about how we spend all this time observing life that we end up being “trained observers” who react to what’s happening around us.  And when we spend time “observing” things that are around us, we are tuning into those vibrations of those things, and it’s usually a mix of things we don’t like and do like, right? Like the guy who just cut you off and now you’re feeling irritated…just when you were enjoying that song on the radio….stupid guy….

When I’m feeling foul about something, it becomes really easy to all of sudden begin observing things I don’t like… such as…I don’t like the fact that my house is a mess…which leads to a new thought that matches the one before…I don’t like the fact that I have all these unfinished projects around me… then… I don’t like how my office has no door, and on and on and on.  Those thoughts are pretty accessible to me and somehow all similar feeling thoughts come flooding my brain. My husband always had the knack to so quickly recall such detailed “lists” of things that piss him off, and I’ve always wondered  “Wow, how does he do that?”

According to Abraham, what’s really happening is we become prone to having our thoughts and feelings redirected by what’s around us, and we live and breathe in a react-only mode.  We’re not taking charge of our own vibrations (feelings), instead we are taking on the vibration of those things around us.  So that’s when it clicked for me…I’m letting the world dictate my thoughts and feelings in that moment.  Sure, live in the moment that is good.  But don’t let every moment dictate how your life will take form because if all you think about is what is, then you’ll never ever get to “what it could be”….which is that hopeful place we all desire.

If possible, take deliberate action every day to spend time thinking about our aspirations and dreams.  Close your eyes and feel it like it’s happening…feel your way into how cool it will be when…you get that car, job, home, take that vacation…   It is those thoughts…the ones we feel good about that are much more powerful than any negative thought we have.  Spend time being a dreamer, they say.  But don’t just think it, feel it.

So, I test everything.  I decided to test this one out and would make a deliberate attempt to think about outcomes I want to have vs. don’t want to have. For example, my profession involves public speaking and when I have a talk coming up, I decided to deliberately envision the good “high” feeling at the end of a presentation.  I talk myself up, telling myself it will be “my best one yet”…and then try to bring about that positive feeling and visualize people coming up to me saying “great job… loved the presentation….do you have a business card… Do you have second, I wanted to talk more about… ” and I replay that feeling and vision over and over leading up to the event itself.  It’s essentially a “pre-paving” of an outcome I want through focused thought.

Before I began to really understand this, I would spend time agonizing over writing the darn PPT. I would famously procrastinate until it was T-minus-zero and then be shocked that I was feeling unprepared, and then go and dream about my “unpreparedness” like showing up to school late, can’t find the room, I’m half naked, and so on.  How unproductive.

I want to tell you that my test worked, and continues to work flawlessly every time.  The key is to get the “feeling” of the outcome you WANT whether you’ve ever experienced it or not. It really doesn’t matter. It’s all about moving into the feeling of the outcome you desire – even if you’re in the middle of a messy moment that appears to be unyielding…just think about the outcome you DO want vs. the one you are experiencing.  It almost feels “genie-ish”… And things can manifest very quickly as you blink. It’s almost like tuning yourself like a radio station…up and down till you find that perfect reception spot…

Just yesterday, I was out shopping with my son and he was getting on my nerves and my patience was short. I had that pit in my stomach, and I wasn’t finding anything he was saying or doing funny in the very least bit.  Annoyance was mounting big time… We were also in traffic, it was going very slow and it seemed that the  guy in front of me must be the “nicest guy in the world” letting everyone go before him…  Can you say high blood pressure?

Then I looked over at my son, and I thought, “Whoa this is NOT how I want to be spending my time”.  At that moment, I said those very words out loud… and I stated that what I did want was to relax, enjoy this time, and see where it went.  Traffic all of sudden loosened, and we were moving again. I felt the entire pit of my stomach dissolve into nothing, and my mood immediately lightened. If that’s not power, I don’t know what is. Was it really me? Who the heck knows and I’m not sure I care to know.  It just felt better is all.

Of course, I’m not perfect and I’m not saying I don’t get down or negative.  I’m just sharing something I learned that is helping me feel better every day, and really allowing me to live the life that I desire of my choosing.

Try it, and let me know how you fare.  I’d love to hear any stories you’ve experienced so we can all learn from each other.

Signing off with lots of love and healing light…xxooxxoo

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