Update 2013 – Hope on the horizon

I’ve been off the grid for awhile.  I’ve consumed so much change since my last post (about a year ago) even though wise advice is to not consume an elephant all at once.  Sometimes it comes big and fast and there isn’t much you can do.  Except endure.

I say this on the day of the Marathon bombings (which I am saddened to even type), where some person or group made alot of other people’s lives more difficult and painful.  Unnecessary.  Leaves me questioning.  There is the general level of disbelief hanging in the air.

I also have a very good friend who has become sick.  Someone who is always of good spirits and a funny joke.  His blood disease is no joke, however.  How do you bring together meaning in it all?  It is very difficult to discern.

All of it points out the complications of life and the delicate nature that is inherent with the living.  It can fall apart at the stop of a heartbeat.  Or it can ignite upon eye contact.  It all depends. On who you are.  And what you are dealing with …and within that, what stage you are experiencing.  All are contributors to how we feel about ourselves, life, and our relationships.

Well, the good news is that in 2013, I am back again.

I am going to dive into what is life, my own beliefs, what joy feels like, and how do I feel it more often?  Joyce Meyer notes that Joys is a fruit of the spirit – so how do I develop the fruit of joy?

I do not typically let myself be selfish, but I am my own project here.   This is one outlet where I can express these thoughts, with the hopes of helping someone else, of course.

Be back soon with more. Hugs.

I have no idea who reads this, but, if you are, thank you.


  1. Juliann says

    Long time reply coming! Life got in the way is the easiest thing to blame. I’m back on now, 2015 I am BACK.

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