Why can’t we have nice things?

This is a question posed frequently at my house.  Our family is rough and rugged, nothing dainty here.   My mom calls my house the black hole.  Once anything is in my house, good luck finding it again.   We’d be a great test group for appliances, cookware, furniture. If it can last at my house, it’s all right for sure.  But some days it really pisses me off.  I mean, why can’t we just have nice things?  I have no idea why.  Is it laziness?  Or ignorance?

Take for instance, I just bought a couple of new frypans.  I know, boring, but I needed them.  I debated about teflon vs. stainless steel, because people in my family won’t think twice about using metal silverware or cookware in them. But I bought teflon anyway, it was a good deal.

So when I get home, I was talking to the family about the pans, and that they can’t be pans can’t be left soaking or anything, or scraped with metal, blah blah.  I felt like Charlie Brown’s teacher.  Mrs. Wah-wahhh  they stopped listening at the word “wash”.  So guess what happens yesterday?  The brand freaking new pan in the dishwasher.

OMG.  I almost lost it.  I had my little “in my mind” tirade that went like “I can’t believe..” “Why the eff…” “Who put the effin….”  Of course this got me no where.  See, as I get older, it’s the smaller things that will drive me nuts.  So I left this on the whiteboard for everyone:

I hope that message works.  Of course, time will tell.  Sometimes it helps to be completely obvious.  I didn’t assign a “name” on the list above, it was really a message for all.

Am I nuts?  Anyone else deal with this insanity?

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